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Knox Cellars started in a Bellingham, WA as founder Brian Griffin's retirement hobby. His passion for bees grew rapidly, and by 1992 his study into the life of the Orchard Mason bee had turned into a full time business operation.

Brian Griffin started the line of products by writing the book The Orchard Mason Bee, which you can find in our online store.

In 2017 Knox Cellars was sold to Jim and Suzanne Ullrich of Bremerton, WA on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula.  The Ullrich family is very excited to continue this small business of bringing bees to the backyards of America.

The Ullrich family is passionate about nature and backyard habits.  Our goal is to share awareness of the amazing orchard mason bee. 


Pollinating bees are declining rapidly, and we are eager to help reverse this trend. 

Jim Ullrich,  Owner

Knox Cellars Mason Bees


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