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Knox Cellars Orchard Mason Bees 

started in Bellingham, WA. by Brian Griffin as his retirement hobby. His passion for bees grew rapidly and by 1992 his study into the life of the Orchard Mason Bee had turned into a full time business.

Mr. Griffin started the line of products by writing the book 'The Orchard Mason Bee', which has been revised several times, is an invaluable resource for hosting OMB in your backyard and available on this website's online store.

In 2017 Knox Cellars was sold to Jim and Suzanne Ullrich of Bremerton, WA.  The Ullrich family continued this small business of bringing OMB to the backyards of America. 

The Ullrich family is still passionate about nature and backyard habits and an important mentor to Carrie Morlang as she continues the legacy of Knox Cellars Orchard Mason Bees as the new proprietor. 


Mrs. Morlang is continuing to be an ambassador of the Orchard Mason Bee by educating, supporting families who would like to 'Bring Back the Bees' to their backyard, small farm or orchard. 

Knox Cellars Orchard Mason Bees
Carrie Morlang,  Proprietor

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