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This habitat with its paper liner straws is the perfect compromise between waterproof and durable habitats and naturally absorbent nesting materials.  It provides the perfect method of raising bees in wet climates where cardboard nesting tubes absorb too much moisture. It is constructed of four interlocking trays with 10 holes in each tray  The trays may be gently eased apart to allow easy removal of the liner straws filled with cocoons each Winter.  The trays may then be cleaned with soap and water, ready for reassembly with new paper liners the following Spring.  The attic storage compartment is a conveninent space to place filled liner straws or loose cocoons.  The Chalet has room for 320-360 bees.


Additional trays may be purchased separately for customers who wish to expand their chalet.  Replacement paper liner straws are also available for separate purchase.

The Bee Chalet