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Knox Cellars
Orchard Mason Bees

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Welcome to Knox Cellars!

Knox Cellars is pleased to bring you the finest quality native pollinating bees and everything you require to start your own colony to keep your plants happy and healthy!


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Jim "The Bee Man" Ullrich

Knox Cellars Mason Bees is For Sale


Greetings Bee Friends and Neighbors


For five years Jim Ullrich has been the proud owner of Knox Cellars, and has loved every minute of it, especially giving talks and presentations to the community about backyard mason beekeeping.  He’s made many personal connections and friendships with other bee enthusiasts.  However, the time has come for him to retire (once again) and continue his love of mason bees as a hobbyist farmer rather than business owner.  


Knox Cellars Mason Bees of Bremerton, WA is currently for sale.  If you are interested in details about how you could become the next owner of this rewarding small business please call Jim directly at 360-908-0817 or email at for details. 


The business was originally started by Brian Griffin in Bellingham, WA.  He is the author of our best-selling book The Orchard Mason Bee. He retired and passed the baton to Jim who is now ready to pass it on to the next owner who will hopefully be just as passionate about the bees as Brian and Jim are. 


It has been an amazing journey!  The Ullrich Family has run the business as a family unit with Jim “The Bee Man” at the helm.  We thank every one of our wonderful customers and fellow retail associates for a truly memorable endeavor.

Watch Our YouTube Video! 
 Knox Cellars Mason Bees:
An Introduction to Mason Bees

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